The Benefits of Yoga for Kids

yoga poseKids these days are presented with a multitude of information at a fast pace. Living in a word that often provides instant gratification and frequent visual stimulation can be distracting and leave one feeling overwhelmed. Yoga can be a beneficial approach as a calming technique for kids to ease a transition from a fast-paced world, to one that is more mindful. Wearing headbands for yoga keeps the hair out of your eyes too.

Physical benefits

Yoga is a great tool to help kids increase their flexibility, strength and coordination. In addition, kids who practice yoga tend to become more aware of their body space and that of others. This can be a great way to set personal goals as well. By tracking their flexible movements, and the level of difficulty, kids can become highly motivated to increase their yoga knowledge.

Other benefits

Aside from physical improvements, yoga can also help to center a child’s focus. Using lots of visual techniques, paired with engaging story-telling, while engaging in physical movements, a child can enter an imaginative and meditative state, allowing them to drown out excessive distractions. This can greatly reduce stress for a child, allowing them to be present in the moment. Having a positive experience with connecting their body to these movements, many children who practice yoga develop stronger self-regulation techniques that they can call upon when feeling over-stimulated.

Effective beginner poses for children

The sunrise/sunset pose is an effective warm up for all yoga participants, as it helps to regulate breathing and to align the spine. This pose is simple and one that allows the child to ease into a yoga mindset. The tree pose is another great pose for beginners because it can be easily modified. Depending on a child’s balance, they can lower or raise their leg, depending on their comfort level. This is great because they can self-monitor their own progress. There are a variety of other user friendly poses for beginners. A quick google search or Youtube inquiry will lead you to clearly outlined tutorials.