Ron Howard’s Net Worth

Many grew up watching Ron Howard on television. Remembered as the endearing Opie on The Andy Griffith Show, or as Ritchie, the happy-go-lucky teenager on Happy Days, Howard became a familiar and friendly face on the big screen. Now worth a staggering $140 million in net worth, it is clear that Howard took his love for acting even further. Visit for info that matters.

Born Ronald William Howard on March 1, 1954, his acting presence began to shine at an early age. After being immersed in the acting lifestyle for most of his childhood and youth, Howard saw the progression of his craft. He began to have in interest in writing, production, directing and even in studying plays. He subsequently attended school at The University of Southern California and began studying cinematography.

Howard’s first big movie was Cocoon in 1985. With his directing solidified through this venture, he produced even more hits, such as, Apollo and A Beautiful Mind and How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Howard has received numerous awards for best director, best producer, and best film. These accolades came from The Golden Globe Awards, as well as The Academy Awards and even The British Academy Film Awards. More recently, Howard directed Inferno, maintaining his powerful directorial status.

Role in Hollywood

He continues on a roll with one blockbuster hit after another. He is responsible for directing some of the biggest names in Hollywood, as well as some of the most prominent movies ever released to date. Due to Howard’s success in directing multi-million dollar productions, his contributions to film and cinema have made him one of the most prominent directors in Hollywood, akin only to the directorial status of Steven Spielberg. Howard has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to honor his contributions. To date, Howard continues to push out the blockbusters, adding more to his growing net worth status.

The Best Paintball Gun Under $700

Finding a great paintball marker for beginners can indeed provide a challenge, more so if you are working on a budget. That said, there are plenty of options out there – a pro and con at the same time. With the infinite number of products on the market, finding a quality paintball gun can prove to be quite daunting.

The upside is, you can actually find one at affordable prices. Are you just making a debut on paintball guns? It would then be in your best interest to invest in a low-priced gun as you work your way up. For those on a budget, let’s have a look at the best paintball gun under $700.

The Best Paintball Gun Under $700 – The Empire Axe Pro

The 2015 Axe Pro is the latest paintball marker from Empire Paintball and buzz surrounding it is actually worth it. In a nutshell, it is more or less a tweaked version of the original Axe Pro – only sleeker in all aspects. For starters, it has exceptionally good ergonomics, which not only makes it eye candy, but also one of the smoothest shooting paintball guns on the market. See

Empire Paintball ensured that all problems pegged to the original Axe Pro are done away with such as the weight, which has been slashed immensely. The superior engineering adopted not only sums up for an aesthetically pleasing paintball gun, but also a user-friendly product that is really easy to clean up and maintain altogether.

It also entails a redline OLED, which is currently the best you can get your hands on right now. In short, you are almost guaranteed of a high resale value with the Axe Pro – if you so choose to hang your boots on it. Those on a budget can now have fun-filled experiences thanks to the crafty hands of the guys at Empire Paintball.

The Benefits of Yoga for Kids

yoga poseKids these days are presented with a multitude of information at a fast pace. Living in a word that often provides instant gratification and frequent visual stimulation can be distracting and leave one feeling overwhelmed. Yoga can be a beneficial approach as a calming technique for kids to ease a transition from a fast-paced world, to one that is more mindful. Wearing headbands for yoga keeps the hair out of your eyes too.

Physical benefits

Yoga is a great tool to help kids increase their flexibility, strength and coordination. In addition, kids who practice yoga tend to become more aware of their body space and that of others. This can be a great way to set personal goals as well. By tracking their flexible movements, and the level of difficulty, kids can become highly motivated to increase their yoga knowledge.

Other benefits

Aside from physical improvements, yoga can also help to center a child’s focus. Using lots of visual techniques, paired with engaging story-telling, while engaging in physical movements, a child can enter an imaginative and meditative state, allowing them to drown out excessive distractions. This can greatly reduce stress for a child, allowing them to be present in the moment. Having a positive experience with connecting their body to these movements, many children who practice yoga develop stronger self-regulation techniques that they can call upon when feeling over-stimulated.

Effective beginner poses for children

The sunrise/sunset pose is an effective warm up for all yoga participants, as it helps to regulate breathing and to align the spine. This pose is simple and one that allows the child to ease into a yoga mindset. The tree pose is another great pose for beginners because it can be easily modified. Depending on a child’s balance, they can lower or raise their leg, depending on their comfort level. This is great because they can self-monitor their own progress. There are a variety of other user friendly poses for beginners. A quick google search or Youtube inquiry will lead you to clearly outlined tutorials.